New Processors On Old Boards: Adapters From Upgradeware for Socket 370 and Socket 423

Sources Of Problems: BIOS, FSB, Voltage And Multiplier

At this point we must stress that this sort of upgrading may not always work. First, Tualatin processors (identifiable by their metal surface) requires a 1.5V (the Coppermine needs 1.65V) - not every old motherboard will support this, so it's definitely well worth taking a look at the handbook or the manufacturer's website.

Secondly, some motherboards refuse to work with processors they can't recognize. Ideally, the motherboard manufacturer provides an updated BIOS version that can identify the PIII Tualatin or Celeron. But this can't be taken for granted because hardly any manufacturers offer support for processors that aren't supposed to be used on old motherboards anyway. If in doubt, talk to your computer dealers and get them to allow you to return the merchandise if you don't manage to upgrade the board.

The FSB and the multiplier are the least of your worries, anyway. Because multipliers have for years been determined by the processor and thus cannot be changed, every processor which runs at 100 MHz FSB will work, regardless of whether it's a Pentium III 600 or a Celeron 1100. In fact, it doesn't even matter what multipliers are listed in the motherboard manual.

The only thing to watch out for the FSB is that the new processor works at the same system clock as the one being replaced. Alternatively, you can also check the specifications of your motherboard's chipset. The maximum FSB speed and its configuration can be found in the manual.

Upgradeware: Extensive Support

Since Upgradeware has yet to become a big name, most questions arising before the purchase of an adapter naturally revolve around the manufacturer and its commitment to the product. This information is supplied by an extensive website ( ) that, besides featuring the compatibility lists in the links above, also has comprehensible installation guides in English and FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) that should help solve installation problems: .

The menu item "Where to buy" calls up a list of dealers. At present, however, there are none listed for Europe. The distributor in Germany should definitely look into why this wasn't included.