New Processors On Old Boards: Adapters From Upgradeware for Socket 370 and Socket 423

Socket 423 To Socket 478

The heart of the adaptation: Socket 478 on Socket 423.

Upgradeware offers similar products for the soon-to-be-extinct Socket 423. Anyone who has sprung for a Pentium 4 system in the last 12 months will definitely have a PC based on Socket 423 and RDRAM. If Intel had its way, processors quicker than 2 GHz would no longer be operable with this architecture.

Upgradeware proves this isn't the case with the p478, which allows you to run the quickest Pentium 4 processors (up to 2.6 GHz with 400 MHz FSB) in an old system with Socket 423.

The p478 adapter is delivered with a small installation guide and the necessary mountings.

In contast to the Socket 370 adapter, this model does not come with a processor cooler.

In the middle of the adapter socket is a block of DIP switches that allow you to change the CPU voltage.

This table contains the necessary settings for different processor core voltage levels.