RAID 1.5 With IDE: Added Value Or Eyewash?

Application Performance: Fileserver

RAID 1.5 produces a few advantages for mid-range query depths in the fileserver application model. Only when 64 or more sequential blocks are called (typical sequential reading) is RAID 0 able to play its trumps.

Application Performance: Webserver

The webserver profile also shows advantages for RAID 1.5 - this time as clear as day!

CPU Utilization

  • lifeisstudy
    So RAID 1.5 won't work because the heads of the disk still need to move to the next data block to read... If you skip blocks, you still have to move past them.

    What about RAID 1.5 with Solid State disks. You have nothing to move, yet you can double your read speed with mirroring. Sounds perfect for server caches.