RAID Without Additional Hardware: Do It Yourself With Windows 2000

Test Setup

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Test System
CPUIntel Pentium III, 866 MHz
MotherboardAsus CUSL2, i815 Chipset
RAM128 MB SDRAM, 7ns (Crucial/Micron) CL2
IDE Interfacei815 UltraDMA/100 Interface (ICH2)Promise FastTrak100Promise Ultra100
Graphics Cardi815 On-Board Graphics
Network3COM 905TX PCI 100 MBit
Operating SystemsWindows 2000 Pro 5.00.2195 SP2
Benchmarks and Measurements
Office Applications BenchmarkZD WinBench 99 - Business Disk Winmark 2.0
Highend Applications BenchmarkZD WinBench 99 - High-End Disk Winmark 2.0
Data TransferZD WinBench 99 - Disk Inspection Test 2.0
PerformanceSiSoft Sandra 2001
Graphics DriversIntel i815 Reference Drivers 4.3
IDE-DriversIntel Bus Master DMA Drivers 6.03Promise Ultra100 Driver 1.60Promise FastTrak100 Driver 2.00
DirectX Version8.0a
Screen Resolution1024x768, 16 Bit, 85 Hz Refresh