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Razer BlackWidow Chroma (Origin PC Edition) And BlackWidow Ultimate 2016 Review

We review the full-featured Razer BlackWidow Chroma (Origin PC Edition) and the slightly less full-featured Razer BlackWidow Ultimate.

Tests And Performance

Key Rollover

Although NKEY rollover is a feature you'll find on some keyboards, Razer stuck with 10-key rollover for the BlackWidow Chroma, which should be more than sufficient. In fact, using the AquaKey test, we found that we could depress as many as 14 keys, plus four modifier keys (Shift, Ctrl, Windows, Alt), simultaneously.


The Razer Green switch, like Blue switches, is noisy. It's "clicky" of course, but there's also the sound of the key striking at the bottom of the travel and a loud "ping" reverberation from that. If you press just past the actuation point and jiggle a key without completing the full travel, you'll get that telltale Blue switch jiggling sound, like something's loose.

In sum, the action of a Green switch, like a Blue switch, is complex. In the case of the BlackWidow Chroma, the whole thing is slightly muted by dint of the fact that the top panel traps some of the sound.


I must note that I experienced the infamous dead key issue when using the BlackWidow Chroma. The "r" key went dead on me at one point, and another time, one of the keys was stuck on (not physically, mind you), repeating its input incessantly. I believe that these issues came about when I was wantonly playing with the on-keyboard macro recording feature. They did not reappear after I stopped toying with that feature and actually performed specific macro recording.

I was unable to repeat the errors once they went away, so I do not have a clear solution for users that experience the same. I would suggest unplugging the keyboard, ensuring that Synapse is updated, and restarting the PC.