Review of Slot One Boards with 440FX Chipset

AOpen AX6F

This is the one I used for the Pentium II review and the reason for that is quite simple, it's the fastest Slot One board I've tested so far. Under NT it's now reached by the Tyan S1682, but under Windows 95 it's still the leader of the Slot One boards that found their way in my lab yet. There is not much more to say about this board, it's a good performer and the only complaint I've got is that you really have to look closely, to find only a few tantalum capacitors. This is a quality issue and is better in all the other Slot One boards I've tested.

This Intel 440FX chipset board is in ATX form factor and comes with 5 PCI, 3 ISA, 4 SIMM slots, cacheable area is as in all other Pentium II or Pentium Pro carrying boards 1 GB, it supports ECC, no Ultra-DMA and comes with a switching voltage regulator (standard in PPro/PII boards)