Review of Slot One Boards with 440FX Chipset

Shuttle HOT-623

This board is just an average fellow. No highlights, no great performance, but it's reliable and probably it will have an attractive price too. What I really like about this board is that it comes with 8 SIMM sockets instaed of only 4, which is definitely too few for a board in this class. I also always enjoy the Shuttle manuals with the little stickers in it. ;-)

This Intel 440FX chipset board is in ATX form factor and comes with 5 PCI, 3 ISA, 8 SIMM slots, cacheable area is as in all other Pentium II or Pentium Pro carrying boards 1 GB, it supports ECC, no Ultra-DMA and comes with a switching voltage regulator (standard in PPro/PII boards)