Review of Slot One Boards with 440FX Chipset

Abit AN6

The Abit AN6 is the first Slot One board I've ever seen and considering its age of almost 5 months it's doing a pretty good job. However, this board cannot be recommended right now, because I was completely unable to run any SCSI host adapter on this board, which is certainly a crucial thing in this class. I will receive a new board as well as a new BIOS revision very soon and then I'm sure it will run with SCSI disks just as well.

Due to the fact that my NT test system comes on a SCSI HDD (Seagate Cheetah), I couldn't test this board under NT. The Windows 95 benchmark results are pretty good however, so that we can hope of a good NT performance once the SCSI problem is sorted out.

Another special thing about this board is that in its SoftMenu you can choose 75 MHz bus speed, which so far is unique amongst the Slot One boards. However my tests under Windows 95 at 75 MHz bus speed didn't show any significant performance advantage over the 66 MHz bus speed, which will most likely be due to the Level 2 cache of the Pentium II, that runs at 1/2 the CPU speed and is hence, unlike on Socket 7 boards, independend from the bus speed.

This Intel 440FX chipset board is in ATX form factor and comes with 4 PCI, 3 ISA, 4 SIMM, 2 DIMM (only for FPM/EDO/BEDO!!) slots, cacheable area is as in all other Pentium II or Pentium Pro carrying boards 1 GB, it supports ECC, no Ultra-DMA and comes with a switching voltage regulator (standard in PPro/PII boards)