Review of Socket 7 PCI Motherboards


Soyo 5XA5

Intel 430TX chipset, 512 kB L2 Cache, 4 ISA as well as 4 PCI slots and support for 75 and 83 MHz are the main characteristics for this little ATX board. You may insert up to 3 DIMM modules and if necessary 2 PS/2 modules. The position of the BIOS may prevent you from using some slots with cards which use the usually free margin between connector strip and slot. The clock configuration has to be made on a 'mice piano' or dip switches, as some people say. Problems or errors could be solved by disabling SDRAM speculative read and switching the RAS-to-CAS delay to 3/3 clks. This shows how much space for improvement is left. As the Asus TX97-XE, Soyo's TX board meets PC 97 standard, too.

Soyo SY-5XA5, Rev. ?

ATX format; ATX power supply; Intel 430TX; 4x ISA, 4x PCI; 2x SIMM, 3x DIMM; Award flash BIOS; 512 kB PB-Cache (6 ns); external frequencies: 50, 60, 66, 75, 83 MHz; BF2 jumper equipped, I/O chip: Winbond; busmaster Ultra DMA 2 or PIO 4 onboard; FDC onboard; 2x serial 16550; 1x EPP/ECP parallel; 1x PS/2 mouse; 2x USB; IrDA support; core voltages: 3.2V, 2.9V, 2.8V, 2.1V.