Review of Socket 7 PCI Motherboards

Testing Environment

Benchmarks with the Cyrix 6x86MX PR233 (187 MHz, 75 x 2.5):

Benchmarks with the AMD K6 at 233 MHz (66 x 3.5):

Benchmarks with the AMD K6 at 250 MHz (83 x3):

Benchmarks with the Intel Pentium MMX at 233 MHz (66 x3.5):

This was it for now. Every new board that arrives will be benchmarked as soon as possible and of course added to this review. If you want us to test some other motherboard, please contact the motherboard manufacturer, not us. He will send us a sample for testing.

Benchmarks Windows 95

Of course the motherboards were tested under the same conditions:

CPUs: Intel Pentium MMX 233 MHz (66 x 3.5), AMD K6 at 233 MHz (66 x 3.5) and if possible at 250 MHz (83 x 3) as well as Cyrix/IBM 6x86MX PR233 (187 MHz, 75 x 2.5).

Memory: If supported 64 MB SDRAM (2x 32 MB Toshiba 10ns or Samsung 12ns), else 64 MB EDO DRAM (2x 32 MB TI, 60ns)

Harddisk: Quantum Fireball ST 3.2 EIDE (if supported using Ultra-DMA/2 interface, else DMA/2)

VGA: Matrox MGA Millennium 4 MB, 1024x768 High Colour

OS: MS Windows 95 OSR 2.1 (USB supplement), MS Windows NT 4.0 Server (+ Service Pack 3)