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Samsung 845DC EVO SSD Review: 3-Bit MLC Hits The Enterprise

Results: 4 KB Random Performance And Latency

Samsung's 845DC EVO is an absolute monster when it comes to random, small block reads. We easily hit the 87,000 IOPS that the drive is specified for. Only SanDisk's SAS-based Optimus Eco is able to top the 845DC EVO in this test.

Results are much more muted in our random write testing. Though they're still above Intel's SSD DC S3500, the 845DC EVO has a harder time keeping up with more expensive drives.

The outlier is Micron's M500DC, which achieves nearly twice as much performance and is in a similar price range.

The average response time lines up with the random write performance, observed above. That's to say Samsung's 845DC EVO lands near the bottom of the pack.

This chart is much more interesting. The 845DC EVO reports back a great maximum response time result, which is less than half of its nearest competitor.

New from Samsung is a stated Quality of Service (QoS) specification, closely matching what Intel publishes. This figure stipulates that 99.9% of write operations should be under 7 ms. We observed that 100% of all operations completed in under 7.31 ms, coming exceedingly close.