SBM 2: Mid Cost System

ATX Case: SilverStone Temjin TJ02

We simply couldn't find a good enough reason to replace the SilverStone Technology TJ02 ATX mid-tower chassis of our former build, but this might change soon as supplies of this older design dwindle. Widely praised for its elegant looks and exceptional build quality, the eventual retirement of the TJ02 will be a loss for many buyers.

A gleaming diamond-etched faceplate beautifies SilverStone's classic case

Good ventilation, low noise and sturdy construction are the most important attributes of a great case, yet many of these characteristics can be found in competing brands. Many builders like to show off, though, and Temjin TJ02's great looks are almost unmatched for its $100 price.

Power Supply: AeroCool Zerodba 620W

AeroCool's Zerodba power supply was also retained from our previous mid-priced build thanks to editor Don Woligroski's recommendation. Ultra low noise and stable rails are its strengths, and the "Zerodba" name is only a minor exaggeration since the noise of other components will masks its sound, making it almost completely inaudible.


Chrome plating, a huge low-speed fan, and modular construction make the Aerocool Zerodba stand out.

Moderately high dual +12V rail continuous load rated capacities of 20 and 17 amperes are voltage-stabilized by a solid design, aided by Aerocool's low-noise four-step fan cooling system. On the other hand, the price of $125 that seemed a great deal only a few months ago is being squeezed as higher-capacity parts move towards the mainstream, leaving us to wonder if this 620 W unit will make it into our next build.