Scythe Ninja Plus takes on Three TEC Heavyweights

Non-TEC Air Cooler: Scythe Ninja Plus Revision B

The Scythe Ninja Plus Revision B has the size to help answer questions regarding the effectiveness of TEC compared to non-TEC air-cooling solutions, with the added benefit of using a larger, quieter fan than the TEC coolers in this comparison.

Components And Installation

Designed to operate in either fan-assisted "ultimate cooling" or fan-free silent modes, the Scythe Ninja Plus Revision B is an enormous twelve-heatpipe tower cooler.

The Ninja Plus Revision B includes a 120 mm fan and wire fan holders, installation guide, a clip-on bracket for AMD Socket 754/939/940/AM2 processors, a clip-on Intel Socket 478 bracket, a pin locking Intel LGA775 bracket, four bracket-mounting screws, and a packet of thermal paste.

Shown with the LGA775 bracket installed, the Ninja Plus Revision B features a smooth copper contact surface.

Installation is a "snap", but the enormous fan has difficulty clearing even the shortest of memory modules. The fan can be placed on a different side of the cooler if needed.

One drawback of Scythe's installation kit is the use of a thee-pin fan that is not PWM-controlled. Nearly all current motherboards use four-pin PWM fan controls. As a result, the 20 dB, 1200 RPM fan will always be quiet, but never extremely powerful for its size.

The Ninja Plus Revision B is designed for use in either fanless or fan-assisted configuration, so the fins are placed far enough apart to assist with convective cooling. This also means a slow fan such as the one Scythe includes should be able to do the job adequately, and that the fins will take longer to become clogged with dust. A drawback of spacing the fins farther apart is that fewer fins results in less total surface area. Scythe helps make up for the lost fin count by making each fin huge compared to those in most other large air cooling designs.

Thomas Soderstrom
Thomas Soderstrom is a Senior Staff Editor at Tom's Hardware US. He tests and reviews cases, cooling, memory and motherboards.
  • Ninja Plus is Junk. My origin cooler with dual 120mm fans, one front and one back create perfect air flow, temperature from 39C to 50C max. After installed Ninja Plus along dual fans remain place, temperature only 1C lower to as high as 51C. Blow my brain is, peoplee hype up gimmick without even test the dual 120mm fans in the box 1st then jump into conclusion Ninja excellency. Wasted my $ and time due to the unproven text result with flaws. I saying this because I even tested in socket 478 old pc, same thing with dual fans flow in case. In conclusion Ninja is ajavascript:%20void(0); piece of junk other than try sell hype..