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Seasonic G-Series 450W PSU Review

Seasonic's G series consists of reliable, high-performance PSUs. Today, we're reviewing the G-450 with 450W capacity, which features a semi-modular cabling design.

Packaging, Contents, Exterior And Cabling


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The PSU's packaging is small, yet classy-looking. On the front of the box is the capacity description, the 80 PLUS Gold badge and the Haswell compatibility icon. On one side, two tables depict the technical and power specifications of the unit, while on the back, a long list of icons depicts the G-450's most significant features, including its five-year warranty, high-quality electrolytic caps, modular cabling and the double ball-bearing fan.


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Seasonic makes sure to protect its products inside the packaging, in most cases using thick pieces of foam.

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The bundle includes a set of Velcro straps, several zip ties, a set of fixing bolts, a case badge, an AC power cord, a cloth bag and the necessary modular cables, as well as a user's manual.


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This is a compact PSU in both capacity and dimensions, featuring a good overall finish. On the front is an on/off switch, installed right next to the AC receptacle. On the PSU's sides we find two decals, one showing the power specifications table and the other depicting the series name.

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On the unit's back, the modular panel has six sockets, two of them for the EPS and PCIe cables. The modular PCB's remaining four sockets are for the peripheral cables, including SATA. The large cable exit hole is covered by a plastic grommet, which protects the two native cables. Seasonic doesn't use a fully modular design in its G series to keep production costs low. Of course, it would be nice if the company changed its strategy and went all-modular on its G-series models since many competing PSUs are, in fact, fully modular.


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The pair of native cables is fully sleeved, though not stealth. On the contrary, all modular cables are stealth and flat, making them easier to hide in a chassis with a dark interior.

Aris Mpitziopoulos is a Contributing Editor at Tom's Hardware US, covering PSUs.