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For Sempron and Athlon XP: Soyo KT880 Dragon 2

Benchmark Results, Continued


A downside of the KT880 Dragon 2 is the relatively meager package contents. It prevents users from employing important components such as additional USB ports and the existing FireWire ports. Also, the software programs included hardly differ from shareware or free test versions, meaning they don't really give the product any added value.

The KT880 Dragon 2 offers solid performance within the expected range, while also providing top-quality hardware features. In connection with the overclocking options contained in the BIOS, Soyo has put together a nice package for users that will be available at a good price. The cost-efficient AMD Sempron also plays its part in this, allowing users to build well-equipped but still cost-efficient PCs. And that, in turn, may also be interesting for the business segment.