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Shopping Guide: Multi-Function Printers


$300 (349€)

The MP700 is the least expensive multi-function, and is based on an i850 engine. It is therefore fast, economical in ink consumption and capable of excellent quality for both text and photos. It has two defects, however it's huge and it's too expensive. So best go with the competition or wait a while, as it's due to be replaced during 2004.


$400 (449€)

It was something of a dream, but Canon made it come true. Or almost. We wanted an all-in-one that was complete and fast, and that is what this machine is capable of. It's a copier, fax, and very fast printer with quality photo prints, card readers, at a record low cost per page. The MP730 seems to have everything except a price and design that match what the competition are currently offering. The result is a huge machine, far too bulky and the control panel is much too complicated. Let's hope that the next generation will be better thought out and better adapted for private use.