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Shopping Guide: Multi-Function Printers


$129 (129€)

The printer and scanner are fine but the combination of the two functions, and their defects, produces disappointing copies. Yet this is a good machine for anyone who wants fast print and digitization output. From this point of view, it's one of the best. In other aspects, as for the C64, the default quality is disappointing.


$149 (179€)

Based on the C82, the CX5400 used a set of four separate cartridges. The Durabright ink used is claimed not to fade over time and to be more waterproof than its competitors. As for this last point, it is true that the main advantage of this is the main advantage CX5400 over its rivals. You can handle pages as soon as they come out of the machine without having ink all over you. On the other hand, the CX5400 prints more slowly and not as well as its rivals.