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Shopping Guide: Multi-Function Printers

Psc 2110

$130 (179€)

The Psc 2110 has a small footprint and is very easy to use. Like the new Deskjet range, it can also work in PhotoRet IV using standard cartridges or so called photo quality cartridges. Again, like the Deskjets, the cost per page raises the handicap and is the only blot on the horizon of a very good impression.

Psc 2210

$300 (349€)

This is a Psc 2110 with the simple addition of a fax and card readers on the front. It's even easier to use than the Psc 2110, and it's an almost ideal solution for those who are put off by computers and printing photos from a PC. If this doesn't apply to you, it may apply to your grandparents, so it may be just what they need.

Psc 2410

$300 (399€)

The base remains the same, but the options are more varied. In addition to a fax and card reader, there is a large color LCD screen useful for direct printing of photos, cartridge maintenance, copying, enlargements, etc. You no longer have to feel your way around blindly; everything is shown on the screen. While it is absolutely essential, this screen makes it easier to use this peripheral which was already a model of ergonomics. It was pretty good without it, but now it's even better. But it's more expensive...