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Shopping Guide: Multi-Function Printers

HP Printers

Last year, HP scored a hit by launching its photo printing device, PhotoRet IV. This year the models are no better in quality but they are slightly faster, less expensive, and new functions have been added.

DeskJet 3650

$80 (79€)

This is one of the least expensive 4800 dpi printers as regards purchase price. On the other side of the coin, the price for printing a page is fairly high. In other respects, it is just as fast and as good as the Deskjet 5150. It is not preferable, however because the cartridges don't hold much ink and are therefore very expensive. The Deskjet 5150 is thus preferable.

DeskJet 5150

$100 (99€)

This is the best value for money HP Deskjet, but it's for those who like to mess with machinery. This means that it has no fancy options but it prints just as well and at the same price as more elaborate Deskjet models. Except here, there is no sensor to choose the type of paper inserted and the print quality. If you aim for a slightly higher price range for your peripheral, the Deskjet 5652 would give you a few more features that are non existent here.

DeskJet 5650

$150 (149€)

This is handsomer, faster, and more practical, it's the perfect printer for anyone who wants to produce superb impressions without complicating their lives with a driver. There are three buttons on the printer that enable the user to choose the speed and print quality for themselves. It also has a front and back unit and a paper type sensor. On the other hand, it costs twice as much in ink than the Canon i560, though it is also twice as fast. Ergonomics or speed and economy, it's your choice.