Showdown at 133 MHz FSB - Part 2, The Real McCoy

Office Applications In Detail, Continued

Here we have it! Intel's and Rambus' nightmare comes through with this database benchmark. Paradox is jumping all over memory and the high latency of RDRAM makes it look really bad. VIA's Apollo Pro 133A comes in second, clearly in front of Intel's great i840 chipset. i820 with PC100 SDRAM and the MTH scores even better than with PC700 RDRAM. This should really make us wonder ...

We are starting to get used to the unbelievable, BX133 is again the leader of the pack, i840 with the expensive PC800 RDRAM is just about making second, and Apollo Pro 133A beats i820 rather badly. Again the MTH-solution of i820 is ahead of PC700 RDRAM.

Power Point seems to use big chunks of data, which is why BX133 and Apollo Pro 133A don't look too good in this test. Again i820 with the MTH and PC100 SDRAM is on par with the expensive RDRAM solutions.