Showdown at 133 MHz FSB - Part 2, The Real McCoy

3D Gaming Benchmarks

I could hardly believe my eyes when I scored the result on the BX-platform! I had to re-run it several times until I grasped the fact that BX133 is indeed destroying all the younger competition. If you despise those results of an overclocked old chipset, please look at the scores of Apollo Pro 133A and compare it to i820 with PC700 RDRAM. Can you see that both Rambus-platforms score worse than the VIA chipset unless PC800 RDRAM is used? You are aware of the fact that most i820-RDRAM-systems ship with PC700 RDRAM. Those systems are badly destroyed by the much cheaper solution from VIA.

Again BX133 is killing all the younger and more expensive competition. Intel's 840 with PC800 RDRAM comes in second, but again i820 with PC700 or PC600 RDRAM scores worse than VIA's Apollo Pro 133A.