Shuttle's XPC ZEN ST62K

Staying Cool With A Heatpipe

The Zen barebone features a processor cooling solution Shuttle calls ICE (Integrated Cooling Engine). A sheet of copper that absorbs the processor's heat covers the processor. Using four heatpipes, the heat is then transferred to a heatsink measuring 80x80 mm and featuring very fine cooling fins. Finally, a temperature-controlled system fan that which expels the heat outside of the case cools the heatsink itself.

The Zen barebone offers enough space for one 5.25" drive and two 3.5" drives. Preferably, the hard drive should be installed from the side using a drive-case, another could fit directly under the optical drive. All edges of the Zen's case are rounded off to minimize the risk of injury during hardware installation.

The system uses a heatpipe solution ending in a 80 x 80 mm heatsink and an 80 mm fan.

The drive bay for the 3.5" drive is rotated by 90 degrees and is attached to the case using a single screw.
Dimensions 190 x 165 x 285 mm
Weight 3.88 kg total, including 1.46 kg ext. Power supply
Platform Socket 478
Front Side Bus 400, 533, 800 MHz
Memory-Slots and Memory-Type 2x DDR 400 (Dual Channel)
Max. Memory 2 GB
Chipset ATI Radeon 9100 IGP
HDD Controller 2 x ATA 100
Expansion Slots 1 x PCI
USB 2x Front, 2 x Back
LAN 10/100 Realtek 8100C
Sound 6.1 Realtek ALC 650
SPDIF In and Out
IEEE 1394 / Firewire 2x Back
Video VGA, S-Video
Serial 1x Back
PS/2 2x (Mouse and Keyboard)
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