Shuttle's XPC ZEN ST62K

Inside Look: Socket 478 For Pentium 4

Inside the barebone system resides a socket 478 mainboard for Pentium 4 processors featuring two DDR memory slots. Shuttle has opted to omit the AGP slot for add-in graphics cards, somewhat limiting this system's upgrade options. Before installing the additional components, the XPC has to be disassembled completely. Luckily, this task is quickly achieved and not at all complicated. Three thumbscrews secure the lid of the case. After opening the case, all components such as drives, CPU and memory can easily be installed without the need for a screwdriver.

The thumbscrews make it easy to remove the lid of the case without the need for any tools.

A certain absence - Shuttle has opted to omit an AGP slot on this model.

When opened, the ZEN ST62K offers enough space to install the remaining computer hardware.

Siggy Moersch