Shuttle's XPC ZEN ST62K

XPC Zen ST62K - A New Kind Of Compact

The newest addition to Shuttle's family of barebone PCs is the XPC Zen ST62K, which is noticeably smaller than other systems of this type produced either by Shuttle or other companies. Shuttle has achieved this by shaving off another full centimeter in each of the three dimensions. How is this accomplished?Shuttle has opted for an external power supply and designed the mainboard without an AGP slot.

The casing is relatively simple, made of aluminum and sporting an ivory-white front panel. Inside the case, the Zen features a socket 478 mainboard for a Pentium 4 processor, based on ATI's 9100 IGP chipset. The integrated graphics chip handles the VGA and video output. Beyond that, the board also features USB 2.0, LAN, Firewire and 6.1 channel sound.

The XPC ZEN measures a mere 190 x 165 x 285 mm.

The sticker on the box denotes the color of the barebone.

Siggy Moersch