Shuttle XPC SN27P2: A Mini-PC for Athlon AM2 Processors

Interior View

Both 3.5" bays mount in side-by-side drive cages at the top of the unit

Despite the small form factor, the interior layout is well-designed and surprisingly spacious. Two drive cages positioned at the top of the case interior provide room for one 3.5" drive each, but without the benefit of acoustic decoupling, which in a worst-case scenario can actually amplify drive noise. All device cables are well organized, and come pre-installed and secured to interior rails inside the case. The nVidia chipset on the motherboard comes equipped with a small cooling fan that is barely audible. You'll also find four DIMM sockets on the motherboard, granting this PC a maximum memory capacity of 4 GB of DDR2 RAM. Three Serial ATA connectors are accessible inside the case, with a fourth external SATA connector on the exterior I/O panel as well.

This drive cage includes no acoustic decoupling, not even rubber grommets.

A side mounted ventilation fan sucks air in from outside the case.

Interior view of the SN27P2

Siggy Moersch