Shuttle XPC SN27P2: A Mini-PC for Athlon AM2 Processors

First XPC For AMD AM2 Socket CPUs

Shuttle's latest barebone for AM2 processors

A short while ago, AMD introduced a new type of processor socket: the AM2. In contrast to older platforms, which worked only with conventional DDR memory, this new model supports DDR2 RAM. The new Shuttle Mini-PC features a motherboard with the AM2 socket and DDR2 memory slots. But the XPC SN27P2 isn't quite as compact as its predecessors in this Shuttle product line.

Behind the front panel doors (unfortunately made of cheap plastic) you'll find connectors for audio, USB and firewall, plus a 5.25" drive bay. The middle panel door offers a 3.5" bay where you could install a floppy drive or a memory card reader (neither of which is included with this barebone unit as shipped).

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Brief Overview
Shuttle XPC SN27P2
NVIDIA nForce 4 - 570 Ultra
AMD Athlon 64, Athlon 64 FX, Athlon 64 X2 or Sempron
1000 MHz
DDR2 Dual Channel 667 / 800
4 DIMM slots, maximum 4 GB of RAM
3 x SATA / 1 x IDE / 1 x SATA external
1 x Gigabit Ethernet
7.1 High Definition Audio

Rear view of the Mini-PC

The I/O panel includes numerous USB ports and an external SATA connector (in red)

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