SiS Kicks Off: 10 Motherboards With The 645 Chipset and DDR333

Asus P4S333

Board Revision: ?

BIOS Version: 1005 (14. March 2002)

Asus gives its motherboards names whose meanings are quite clear. P4S333 references everything you would guess: P4 is the CPU, "S" is the manufacturer and 333 is the maximum memory clock.

This board comes with 6 PCI slots, 3 DIMM sockets, a PCI sound chip from C-Media with two line-ins, AGP 4x and a total of 6 USB ports. Thanks to an adapter, 5 of them can be used instantly.

Furthermore, there are two 80-wire IDE cables, a floppy cable, an excellent manual, a driver CD and a quick start guide for impatient users. The latter includes all of the major languages. Last but not least, there is a small adapter cable that you have to use in order to run the second COM port (only one is on the connector panel).

The design is very clean - all 7 slots (6 plus the AGP) can be equipped with full-size PCI cards without conflicting with other components. In addition, all connectors are placed at the edge of the motherboard (power connector, LEDs/reset/power on, as well as the flat cable connectors) which helps to keep the case free of cable chaos.

In addition to a large range of supported FSB speeds (100 to 166 MHz), Asus allows the core voltage to be set within the range of 1.1 and 1.85 V (0.025 V increments).

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