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Could An SSD Be The Best Upgrade For Your Old PC?

Getting Replaced: Several Generations Of Hard Drives

We looked into our storage room and found several different hard drive generations from Samsung. We used a 300 GB drive for the 2005 PC, a 400 GB model for the 2006 build, a 1 TB disk for the 2008 machine, and an updated 1 TB drives in the 2010 system. The two-year increments are good for more than just capacity; they also see performance increase. And we’re quite curious to see what happens when older and slower drives are replaced by an SSD able to serve up 3 Gb/s data rates.

Up to 56 MB/s: Samsung Spinpoint T133

2005: HD300LJ, 7200 RPM, 300 GB capacity, 8 MB Cache, SATA 3.0 Gb/s. On the 2005 test system, this drive maxes out at 53.9 MB/s.

Up to 75 MB/s: Samsung Spinpoint T133

2006: HD400LJ with TMR heads (Tunneling Magneto Resistance), 7200 RPM, 400 GB capacity, 8 MB cache, SATA 3.0 Gb/s. We reached up to 68.4 MB/s on our 2006 test system.

Up to 119 MB/s: Samsung Spinpoint F1

2008: Spinpoint F1, 7200 RPM, 1000 GB capacity, 32 MB cache, SATA 3.0 Gb/s. This drive maxed out at 106.8 MB/s on this test system.

Up to 142 MB/s: Samsung Spinpoint F3R

2010: Spinpoint F3R, 7200 RPM, 1000 GB capacity, 32 MB cache, SATA 3.0 Gb/s. 131.9 MB/s was the peak throughput on this test system.