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Star Wars Battlefront II Performance Review

CPU/GPU Performance For Multiplayer

While the “solo” adventure is interesting, Star Wars Battlefront II is especially destined to be enjoyed on-line, with multiple players. Is the multi-player experience any more CPU-hungry? To test, we launched a match on Yavin 4, where 40 real players face off against each other.

Of course, it's impossible to reproduce the same workload over and over when 39 other people affect the results in their own way. Our data should therefore be taken as a trend, representative of performance and CPU usage. With map selection being random, and with so many maps available, it was hard enough just to focus our testing on Yavin 4 in DirectX 11.1 mode.

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A similar observation is made during mutli-player gameplay as what we saw in the game's single-player mode: multi-threading in DirectX 11 is managed better on a GeForce than with a Radeon card. AMD only appears to push a couple of cores in a meaningful way, while overall utilization is much higher with an Nvidia card installed. 

FPS, Frame Time & Smoothness

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Both cards achieve frame rates sufficient for smooth gameplay at 1920x1080 and the Ultra quality preset. However, frame time variation is slightly higher on our GeForce GTX 1060 than the Radeon RX 580.

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Star Wars Battlefront II - PC
Star Wars Battlefront II - PC