Summer 2006 GeForce 7 Graphics Gear


Oblivion is a game that can cripple a graphics card. We maxed out the settings for Oblivion to prove a point: The pure rendering horsepower of a card is shown under these conditions. Only the GeForce 7950GX2 is able to deliver a minimum playable rate under the stress. While Oblivion can be played with less than stellar image quality, what is the point? Unlike a twitch game where taking in the surroundings will get you killed, Oblivion was made to be lived in.

In the tests, the indoor frame rates show what the stress is with limited viewing distances and the outdoor scenery shows just what the game is capable of demanding. Somewhere in between and with antialiasing disabled, gamers can get playable frame rates. With depreciated settings, the 7800 cards and above can play Oblivion.