Summer 2006 GeForce 7 Graphics Gear


The battle between the two graphics giants ATI and Nvidia is more interesting than ever, as both companies struggle to outdo each other in the development of g multi-chip solutions, programmable shader units and physics acceleration. However, most of these features are still many months away, so we turn towards what you can buy now. After our recent look at ATI cards, we detail six of the latest Nvidia-powered graphics cards that cost between $150 and $600.

In November of last year, Nvidia introduced its G70 graphics core, aka. the GeForce 7800GTX. It unleashed 24 pixel pipelines and took a commanding lead in the high-end graphics arena. ATI answered the challenge with the Radeon X1900XTX, taking the crown back. Nvidia then followed with the G71 aka GeForce 7900GTX and a 90 nm manufacturing process. Recently, Nvidia unveiled Quad SLI on the GeForce 7900GX2, but only made it available through system builders. Then, last month, Nvidia offered its second dual processor solution with the GeForce 7950GX2.

With so many cards in the gaming space for the 7 series, we decided it was time to see how the cards fared against each other. .

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