Summer 2006 GeForce 7 Graphics Gear

PNY GeForce 7900GTX

PNY GeForce 7900GTX slide show

The GeForce 7900GTX is the flagship of the G71 line. As the benchmarks will attest, it is the fastest single GPU solution available from Nvidia. The PNY Verto GeForce 7900GTX we received came in an innovative limited edition package, replete with a metal briefcase with an acrylic window. It included a PNY flash memory stick and a PC toolkit. This type of packaging is a refreshing change from most boxes we have seen over the years and the accessories are an added bonus.

The PNY Verto GeForce 7900GTX, like many cards, is factory overclocked above the reference Nvidia design. The core runs 25 MHz above at 675 MHz and the memory is 20 MHz above at 820 MHz (1.64 GHz DDR). The stock cooler on the GeForce 7900GTX is the same used by Nvidia's Quadro series cards. It has four heat pipes and takes up two card slots. It does its job well and is quiet.

The card features a 256 bit memory bus with 256 MB GDDR3 memory modules, is HDTV ready providing 1080i output support and can be connected to a second GeForce 7800GT for SLI. The card also has Dual Link DVI out, so this card can power 30" monitors at a resolution of 2560x1600 and has 400 MHz RAMDACs to run dual 2048x1526 CRT monitors.

PNY GeForce 7900GTX slide show