Summer 2006 Memory Stick Fashion Show

PNY MaxFile Attache (8 GB)

The Attaché by PNY is not a Flash memory device; it is based on a 1" hard drive, which is the main reason that it is already available at 8 GB. (Flash memory sticks are starting to become available at 8 GB, but they are more expensive.) PNY wants to release higher capacity points later this year as well. The Attaché comes in a light and stylish aluminum housing, but it seems a bit fragile. We found a carrying case and a belt clip inside the box.

Its connector is somewhat integrated into the housing, and you can slide it out to one side. We found the belt holder on one side to be a bit awkward, as we cannot imagine wearing a storage device like this one.

PQI Card Drive U510 (1 GB)

PQI's Card Drive is fundamentally different from the other storage products, since it is the size of a credit card. Although it is not as thin (3 mm), you should still be able to accommodate it inside your wallet. There are 1 GB, 2 GB and 4 GB versions and there is even an 8 GB model - not bad for such a tiny storage device. The USB connector is fragile, as it comes with a flexible cable and slides out of the Card Drive, so be careful not to damage it.