Summer 2006 Memory Stick Fashion Show

SanDisk Cruzer Titanium (2 GB)

The Cruzer Titanium is available in 1 GB and 2 GB capacities only, but is a dual-channel high performance memory stick. It is a U3-enabled device, so it comes with an autostart program that will allow you to install applications on any Windows XP PC, then plug the Cruzer Titanium into another PC, where you will be able to access the applications you installed before. You will also find Skype 2.5 and Avast virus scan pre-installed. In addition to that, there is SanDisk synchronization tool which helps to keep folders up to date.

The U3 utility loads pretty quickly. Like many other Flash memory products, this one allows you to create a password protected storage (using the Signup Manager) and thus provides nice security.

The case design is very nice, and according to SanDisk it holds a load of 2,000 pounds. Design elements are laser-etched; there is also a nice blue status LED and a lanyard hole.

SanDisk's Launchpad is a powerful, U3-based utility.

Supertalent Fireball

Supertalent is not as popular as other Flash memory vendors, but its products look just as appealing. The Fireball is a dual-channel memory stick that is available in either 1 GB or 2 GB sizes. It supports password protection of the content, has an activity LED, and comes with a lifetime warranty. The outside is rugged and shock-resistant, and is adorned with flames. We actually sunk it into a bowl of water to see if it was water resistant (check out the video here).