Summer 2006 Memory Stick Fashion Show

OCZ Mini Kart (512 MB)

The Mini Kart is not quite a traditional Flash Memory device. Although it is attached via USB 2.0, its physical dimensions are extremely small. It is available at 512 MB, 1 GB and 2 GB capacity points, and OCZ even managed to fit a small activity LED and a small lanyard keyring onto the device. In contrast to other USB Flash devices it does not come with any software add-ons, but the physical size should be the main selling point anyway. OCZ covers the product with a three-year warranty.

OCZ Rally

The Rally is a very compact USB 2.0 Flash memory stick that is available in 512 MB, 1 GB and 2 GB capacities. OCZ designed it for high-performance operations, thus the Flash memory cells are organized into two physical memory channels to speed up transfer rates.

The chassis has a sleek design and is made of aluminum and painted black, which certainly is appealing for enthusiasts as well as business users. There is a lanyard keyring and the blue activity LED fits very well into the design. It has an ordinary cap that can only be put on the stick in one direction. According to OCZ, the device reaches up to 28 MB/s when reading and 17 MB/s when writing. Please check the various models, though, as performance differs slightly depending on capacity.