DIY Solar-Powered PC: Solar Components

Modular Junctions For Maximal Cabling, Continued

Junction box with solar cables attached.

When the junction box is screwed shut after the cables are connected, it becomes watertight. Both of our solar panels, each with 2 4 mm² cables are connected to two 16 mm² cables inside this device.

Cables are cut to precise lengths

Open junction box with all cables installed

Position of the junction box between the two solar cells

Routing the cables from the rooftop to the test lab area

Our green-and-yellow 16 mm2 cable (code H07V-K) is not designed for permanent outdoor use, and is employed only briefly during testing. Here's why we chose this type of cable: It's significantly cheaper than standard outdoor 16 mm2 cable normally used for ground wires. Because our construction is simply for research, this approach works for us. Those who want to make a permanent installation should use compatible outdoor cable with the required protective sheath instead. We recommend using red for the positive voltage, and blue for the negative voltage when working with direct current (DC).

Comparison: Standard 4 mm² solar power cable left, Kabel links, 16 mm² right.

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