DIY Solar-Powered PC: Solar Components

Working On The Turntable Platform, Continued

Rear view of completed turntable platform and solar module in situ

Front view of completed turntable platform in situ

Additional view of completed turntables in situ

Rear view detail for solar panel on turntable

Unscrewing rear member on solar panel framework

Unscrewing rear member on solar panel framework

Adding stiffening/strengthening members near turntable pivot point

Screwing in stiffening/strengthening members

Framework with strenthening/stiffening members attached on one end

Front view of completed frameworks on their respective turntables

Additional front view detail of strengthened turntables with solar arrays

Using Positioning Cables: The Pulley Principle

To turn the solar cells automatically to track the sun's progress through the heavens, we decided to use a set of positioning cables, with some help from a pulley and a counterweight. In our initial tests, we quickly learned that moving our turntables required more power than we could easily deliver. We turned to a construction that steered the central axles upon which the turntables pivot, and attached this assembly using a 10mm steel bolt.

This assembly let us change the orientation for both solar arrays in tandem about their axes. We were also able to put the coarse gravel with which our roof is covered to work for our counterweight as well.

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