Thermaltake Toughpower iRGB Plus 1200W Platinum PSU Review

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Load Regulation, Hold-Up Time & Inrush Current

To learn more about our PSU tests and methodology, please check out How We Test Power Supply Units. 

Primary Rails And 5VSB Load Regulation

Load Regulation testing is detailed here.

Hold-Up Time

Our hold-up time tests are described in detail here.

A fake power-good signal in a high-end PSU? This is unacceptable! We simply cannot understand why CWT didn't tune its power-good signal properly.

Inrush Current

For details on our inrush current testing, please click here.

The inrush current we measured is pretty low, given this PSU's capacity.

Load Regulation And Efficiency Measurements

The first set of tests reveals the stability of the voltage rails and the TPI-1200F2FDP's efficiency. The applied load equals (approximately) 10 to 110 percent of the PSU's maximum load in increments of 10 percentage points.

We conducted two additional tests. During the first, we stressed the two minor rails (5V and 3.3V) with a high load, while the load at +12V was only 0.1A. This test reveals whether a PSU is compatible with Intel's C6/C7 sleep states or not. In the second test, we determined the maximum load the +12V rail could handle with minimal load on the minor rails.

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Test #12V5V3.3V5VSBDC/AC (Watts)EfficiencyFan SpeedPSU NoiseTemps (In/Out)PF/AC Volts
18.172A1.975A1.985A0.991A119.79586.464%498 RPM8.8 dB(A)38.41°C0.982
217.370A2.959A2.984A1.191A239.63590.647%499 RPM8.8 dB(A)38.90°C0.994
326.937A3.465A3.499A1.391A359.82091.879%500 RPM8.8 dB(A)39.40°C0.996
436.488A3.962A3.983A1.591A479.62792.119%502 RPM8.8 dB(A)40.09°C0.996
545.704A4.957A4.985A1.790A599.58391.963%504 RPM8.8 dB(A)40.68°C0.996
654.948A5.945A5.988A1.993A719.47891.235%653 RPM14.6 dB(A)41.94°C0.997
764.214A6.945A6.989A2.195A839.34890.301%914 RPM26.1 dB(A)42.96°C0.998
873.495A7.934A8.001A2.396A959.28989.452%1165 RPM33.9 dB(A)44.70°C0.998
983.193A8.442A8.519A2.397A1079.35088.652%1415 RPM38.7 dB(A)45.58°C0.997
1092.650A8.943A9.014A3.005A1199.19087.552%1611 RPM42.5 dB(A)47.06°C0.993
11102.722A8.946A9.020A3.005A1319.18886.378%1827 RPM45.5 dB(A)48.87°C0.987
CL10.098A16.027A16.003A0.004A135.50682.158%519 RPM9.4 dB(A)45.82°C0.975
CL299.935A1.003A1.003A1.002A1210.71387.862%1628 RPM42.6 dB(A)47.40°C0.992

Load regulation is very good on all of the rails, although Thermaltake cannot beat the amazing performance levels of Seasonic's Prime Platinum, which is based on a pure analog design. As mentioned, digital platforms might be the future. However, more work must be done before they're able to consistently beat their analog adversaries.

As far as efficiency goes, the TPI-1200F2FDP clears the 80 PLUS Platinum requirement with 20% load, comes close to its target with 50% load, and falls well short of 89% under full load. Obviously, the high temperature we use for testing plays a huge role in the efficiency levels our equipment measures (compare that to 80 PLUS' results, recorded at an unrealistic 23°C, +/-5°C).

Thermaltake's fan profile is fairly conservative. It's only when we push the TPI-1200F2FDP hard that its fan spins up and gets noisy. Up to 70% of its maximum-rated capacity and with an ambient temperature of 43°C, the PSU generates ~26 dB(A) of noise. That's amazing for a 1.2kW PSU. CWT has proven many times that it's able to build high-wattage platforms that don't get loud. The TPI-1200F2FDP is another example of this.

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Aris Mpitziopoulos
Contributing Editor

Aris Mpitziopoulos is a contributing editor at Tom's Hardware, covering PSUs.

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  • Co BIY
    Everyone reviews heavily on capacitor quality but how is cap quality determined ? Is it published specs or just reputation / country of origin ?

    The bad cap crisis was over ten years ago are all those makers
    still putting out bad or inconsistent products ?
  • Aris_Mp
    The videos work fine for me.

    Caps: Mostly based on experience and the RMA data that I have access to. The quality of the electrolyte is what matters the most.
  • Mike Adams
    CapXon & Su'scon caps? more chinese junk for a premium price. I would never buy anything from Thermalsewer