Tom's Blurb: Intel's Press Incident and What Else You Should Know


Before I will start to get into this subject I would like to make one thing perfectly clear.

This Website is an independent hardware website, which is testing products and giving advises on what to buy, how to set up and how to increase the performance of a PC component. I don't care about which company is producing a product, neither do my sponsors have the slightest influence on my reviews. I don't prejudice any product because of its manufacturer and I recommend products which I feel are best.

I am also not a crusader against any kind of monopolies in the computer business and I won't let anybody try to abuse me in this respect. However do I have to be allowed to comment on some developments in the computer industry, which are leading to monopolies, because it will mean the dictatorship of one company over the computer business, which can easily stop or at least slow down future developments. We end users should be aware that only the competition between several companies will guaranty the advance in computer technology.

I also think that the public should know more about how big the extend of strong arm tactics in the computer business and even in the computer publishing business really is. My website is now about 13 months old and I had to learn a lot about this. I think it is time to share this with you.

All in all am I hoping that this will be the last page I have to dedicate to this kind of subject for at least the next 6 months. This website is after all visited to get the hard facts about hardware products and not to read the latest news in company policy. I hope that I can get back to business as usual as soon as this page is finished.

I also want to make clear that I don't have anything against Intel products. As soon as I get an Intel product that really amazes me, Intel will get an appropriate press. However may I be allowed to disapprove strong arm tactics.