Trailblazing with CRW-F1 and DiscT@2!


The CRW-F1 sailed through all the tests, and proves how good Yamaha really is at making CD recorders. It performs very well as a burner, even though it doesn't reach the maximum speed of 48X offered by its Plextor and Liteon rivals. Anyway, this is not very relevant, because at this speed, the extra 4X only gains you a few seconds in a 700 MB recording. The Ultra Speed mode for CD-RWs is a definite advantage which cannot fail to encourage people to use this kind of CD, especially since formatting times are much shorter and Mt. Rainier compatibility makes it all so fast and easy in Windows XP.

The DiscT@2 function is obviously a gimmick or a technological showpiece, but the results that it delivers are nonetheless impressive. In any case, those who are interested won't have any choice, as it is exclusive to this CRW-F1 series. The results of the compatibility tests were very good, and showed how useful Optimum Write Speed Control is as a system for adjusting speed to the quality of the CD used.

Audio Master Quality has had its fans ever since the CRW3200 came out, and it is still a definite bonus for sound lovers. CD copying with software like Clone CD is rich in possibilities (though a tad imperfect), and that is another bonus. Of course, the CRW-F1 is more expensive than other recorders (approx. $145, or 180 euros). But don't forget that this Yamaha recorder offers uncontestable quality and a wealth of features.