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Tuning Extreme: Overclocking with the Asus A7V

The actual core voltage can be set with the power menu in the BIOS: If the voltage is set to 1.85 Volts in the BIOS, the Asus A7V generates a maximum core voltage of 2.32 Volts after the retrofit.

Controlling the 'tuned' voltage via BIOS

Since the preset CPU voltage does not match the actual voltage after the resistor has been soldered in, a precise control is very important. Otherwise electro-migration caused by excessive voltages can destroy the processor core very quickly. The two pictures below show parts of two different BIOS menus. While the standard menu displays a preset voltage of 1.85 Volts, the actual core voltage is at 2.32 Volts. The power menu of the BIOS contains the exact information.

The picture shows a part of the BIOS settings. Caution: After the retrofit the selected core voltages do not match the actual voltages anymore. We put together a table for adjusting the correct voltage.