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Tuning Extreme: Overclocking with the Asus A7V

AMD Duron With 1000 MHz!

In our test we achieved the fastest speed with the AMD Duron 750. At a core voltage of 2.11 Volts we reached a stable clock frequency of 1000 MHz. This resembles a clock increase of 33 %. The amount of the possible core clock increase always depends on the quality of the CPU itself.

Speed record because of voltage increase: The AMD Duron 750 is stable at 1000 MHz if the core voltage is increased to 2.11 Volts. A powerful heat sink is a must, however.

Conclusion: Higher Core Voltage Helps CPUs To Reach The Limit

This relatively simple retrofit of the Asus A7V that can be done in a few minutes packs a punch: The higher core voltages of up to 2.32 Volts lets every Duron and Athlon CPU operate at the limit.

While the regular Asus A7V only offers a maximum voltage of 1.85 Volts, and most processors become unstable when overclocked, the altered board gives a very good impression. For example a Duron 750 can be overclocked 30 percent, resulting in a maximum clock frequency of 1000 MHz.

With the fast Athlon processors the possible improvements in clock frequency are rather limited, however: In our test we succeeded in running an Athlon 1000 at a maximum of 1133 MHz, always under the condition of keeping the processor safely alive and the system stable.

Nevertheless, retrofitting an Asus A7V is definitely worth it: The resistor costs less then 10 cents and the board is ready for overclocking future AMD processors past the 1000 MHz limit.