Ubuntu 10.04 LTS: Lucid Lynx Benchmarked And Reviewed

Benchmark Results: Peacekeeper And GeekBench

FutureMark Peacekeeper

Firefox served as our test browser for the Peacekeeper benchmark because it is the default browser on both operating systems. Ubuntu 10.04 comes loaded with Firefox 3.6.3, while its predecessor is stuck with 3.0.19 as the latest version. To make things a little more sporting, we installed and benchmarked Firefox 3.6.3 in 8.04 as well.

As expected, Lucid slaughters Hardy's aging Firefox 3.0.19 by over 50 percent. What we didn't see coming was Hardy's win by a slight 35 points when running the same version of Firefox.


We used the 32-bit version of GeekBench 2.1.6.

Ubuntu 10.04 comes out ahead of 8.04 by a solid 350 points.