The Ultimate Mouse Hunt

Logitech G5

This is the cord version, with which Logitech is targeting hard-core gamers. The compartment used for the battery on the G7 is used here to hold the weight cartridge.

Logitech includes eight tuning weights weighing 0.16 oz. (4.5 grams) and eight weighing 0.06 oz. (1.7 grams). So you can vary the weight of the mouse from 3.95 oz.-5.43 oz. (112 grams to 154 grams) in increments of one gram. Get ready to spend a lot of time making adjustments. But at least you'll have the exact weight that suits you. This may be going slightly overboard, but some people will like it.

Another uncompromising detail is that the cord itself is free of shape memory so as not to influence movement during play. The slightly grainy coating on the mouse has a nice feel and its looks are great. In short, this is the mouse for the uncompromising gamer. The two models are identical as far as all other details go. The price of $70 (80 euros) is just as elitist for a corded mouse.

  • Ephebus
    Stay away from this mouse. I've had two, and both started double clicking with the left button after about a year. Logitech's forums are full of topics on this issue. The latest versions of the G7 also showed a regrettable decrease in manufacturing quality - my first mouse had a rubber coating around it (release A0), while on my second G7 (release A2) it was replaced by cheap plastic. Issues with the receptor dongle losing connection with the mouse are also frequent, and Logitech will go to great lengths to avoid honoring their 3-year warranty.