The Ultimate Mouse Hunt

Logitech G5-G7

After launching the first laser mouse with their MX1000, Logitech now introduces the first laser mouse aimed at gamers. The MX 1000 had good performance, but left a little to be desired for certain applications, and particularly games.

Its very heavy weight - around 6 oz. (170 grams) - made it too heavy for action games and even for photo editing. Its resolution topped out at 800 dpi, which made it a little less lively than the competition, even Logitech's own MX 518 or the Razer Diamondback. For certain gamers who lift their mouse at the end of its course and put it back down in the center, an annoying lag was perceptible. And finally, the laser went into sleep mode too soon and caused latency at the worst possible times in FPS games.

With their G5-G7, Logitech has done a thorough overhaul with the goal of developing the ultimate gamers' mice. But while Logitech is clearly targeting gamers, these mice will be just as effective for graphics work, and above all photo editing. The technology is identical on the G5 and G7 models, so we'll deal with them together.

Absolute Precision

First off, the laser illumination guarantees very effective tracking, regardless of the surface the mouse is on. The sensor, made by Agilent Technologies for Logitech, looks similar to the Agilent ADNS-6010 with 30 x 30-pixel CMOS, up to 7,000 images per second and optimized data processing. And the results match the figures. The static accuracy is exceptional. This is the most precise mouse on the market. We weren't able to make it fail. And, if you lift the mouse and then set it back down, there's no more latency before it starts reporting again. Also, the sleep-mode delay has been set at two minutes, which means it's no longer a problem.

  • Ephebus
    Stay away from this mouse. I've had two, and both started double clicking with the left button after about a year. Logitech's forums are full of topics on this issue. The latest versions of the G7 also showed a regrettable decrease in manufacturing quality - my first mouse had a rubber coating around it (release A0), while on my second G7 (release A2) it was replaced by cheap plastic. Issues with the receptor dongle losing connection with the mouse are also frequent, and Logitech will go to great lengths to avoid honoring their 3-year warranty.