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Video Excursion with the Asus V7700 Deluxe

The Software: Ulead VideoStudio

Video Studio SE from Ulead is a video capture and editing software that let's you basically do everything you'll need to make a home video. A whole article can be written on this software alone if we wanted to. Video Studio takes you step by step through making a video. Each step starts with a useful tips window that helps novice users through the whole process. With this powerful software you are able to capture video, arrange video clips, edit video footage, save in various formats and much more. The humorous thing about all of this is that ATi has been using Ulead Video Studio and will even do so with the Radeon "All in Wonder" product. This means that ATi will have to prove itself video king through hardware since Asus has now coupled the GeForce2 with the very same software. All in all, this software is by far the best video editing software I've used.