Walter Yeh Talks About Computex

Roberto Buonanno, of Tom's Hardware Italy, interviewed Walter Yeh, head of the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA). Here are Mr. Yeh's comments on the June 3-7 Computex show in Taiwan, other trade shows, what TAITRA has done in cooperation with various agencies to improve traffic in Taipei for Computex, and what Taiwan is doing in regard to Green technology issues.

Tom's Hardware: What do you want to say to potential Computex exhibitors in Europe?

Mr. Yeh: This year we have more buyers listed for Computex. I think that the number will increase further before the show opens. And, this year space for Computex in Taiwan will expand by 51% because we have a new exhibition hall, Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall. The number of exhibitors will increased by 18%, due to the additional space.

Tom's Hardware: Is the new Hall finished?

Mr. Yeh: It's finished; we opened it on March 13th. The first show in the Hall, Cycle, is most important bicycle show in Asia.

Mr. Walter Yeh, Executive Vice President, TAITRA at a press conference earlier this year at CeBIT in Hannover, Germany.

Tom's Hardware: What are the key advantages in showing products at Computex? What is your key strategy to expand Taiwanese industry even more in the world?

For Computex we have companies from countries such as Japan, Korea and China. And of course, Taiwanese companies make up the largest number of exhibitors. Also, it is advantageous to show at Computex, because the focus is on business-to-business, not the less efficient business-to-consumer focus. We provide for trade meetings, business tools, and free Internet wireless service. That is for the convenience of the buyers, to make their trip to Taiwan more efficient.

Mr. Yeh: We help expand Taiwanese industry in the world by organizing exhibits around industry trends in Taiwan and the world. For example we focus on Information and Communications Technology (ICT) life cycle in areas such as auto parts and machine tools. Our shows mix strong local and foreign participation to provide an original and productive show for buyers.

Tom's Hardware: And what about public transportation. Taipei can be a difficult city to get around in?

Mr. Yeh: Yes, we have arranged very good shuttle service between the two halls and between the hotels and between important locations and the exhibition halls. Also, we worked together with the municipality of Taipei on traffic solutions.

Tom's Hardware: What is Taiwan doing in terms of Green IT; in terms of lowering pollution and increasing energy-efficiency in products, factories and government projects?

Mr. Yeh: Taiwan's products can be found in world markets. So they must comply with international practice. Green IT is a focus for Taiwanese companies in regard to products. For example, consider power saving components such as CPUs.

As for our factories, we are recycling more parts and using less paper. We also encourage people to ride bicycles and are exploring solar power.

Also, in Taiwan we have more limited access to oil. We have to import it, so we understand how important it is to use less resources, raw materials and power.

Tom's Hardware: Is there a particular message that you want to give to our readers around the world?

Mr. Yeh: Our goal is to be the businessman's partner in doing business in Asia. In Taiwan we have good connections with Japan, with China, with all the Asian countries. So, Taiwan can provide a very good test market for the region. Also, Taiwan's trade shows are a good way for Asian and other countries around the world to build sourcing relationships.

Tom's Hardware: Thank you for talking to us Mr. Yeh.