Managing Backup: Three Software Solutions Compared

Options And Recovery

True Image also lets you specify your desired schedule.

The program recommends incremental backups. This way it can keep updating an existing backup image.

This feature is helpful if you want to exlude other backups or temporary files from your backup.

Acronis also supports backup encryption, which very important for professionals and security-conscious users alike. A 256-bit setting should definitely do it.

It is also possible to define the total number of backups, the storage period for backups, and the maximum number of archive files. This is in case you want to copy them off the external hard drive and onto optical drives, where capacity limits can be an issue.

A status windows keeps you up to date on the backup process.


The recovery feature lets you select the data source. You can even check an online backup source for recovery.

We liked this part. Here you can select the specific backup day for files included in your regular backup. If you have multiple file versions on backup, this is the best way to recover them.