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Windows In Your Pocket

Ad-Aware SE Personal

Install the anti-spyware program Ad-Aware SE Personal (Freeware). You'll find it under the heading, "Computer, USB-Stick-Windows". Update the program. Copy the files named "defs.ref" and "ad-aware.exe" in the plug-in subfolder named "C:\Program Files\pebuilder313\plugin\adawarese\files".


The Drive-Snapshot imaging tool belongs to the standard collection of programs that PE Builder installs. This particular version is an evaluation copy that only works for a certain limited trial period. After the trial period elapses you can still restore drive images you've already captured, but it won't let you make any new snapshots thereafter. To make the tool work without such restrictions, you need a full version of the "snapshot.exe" file. You can download this from and copy it into plug in directory named "C:\Program Files\pebuilder313\plugin\snapshot".


A slimmed-down version of the Firefox Web browser (Open Source) was developed especially for PE Builder and the mini-Windows Bart PE implementation. Click under the heading that reads "Computer, USB-Stick-Windows" to download this program. Unpack the contents of the file named "" into the plug-in directory named "C:\Program Files\pebuilder313\plugin" and the necessary sub-folders will be set up for you automatically.

McAfee Stinger

McAfee's Stinger virus scanner (freeware) keeps track of the most dangerous Trojans and worms and gets rid of malware. Copy the file named "s-t-i-n-g-e-r.exe" into the folder named "C:\Program Files\pebuilder313\plugin\stinger".

Total Commander

The program known as Total Commander (Shareware, $34/28 €) is a Swiss army knife like utility, with built-in file management, compression, FTP and image viewing components. Install this software, then copy all files from its program folder into the folder named "C:\Program Files\pebuilder313\plugin\total commander\files". If you're a registered user of Total Commander, you'll also find a file named "wincmd.key" in its folder. Copy this file into "C:\Program Files\pebuilder313\plugin\total commander\files". Then, use a text editor to open the file named "totalcmd.inf" in the "...\plugin\total commander" folder, and delete the semi-colon at the start of the line that reads '\files\wincmd.key=a"[...]' (note: because the quoted value includes a double-quote mark, we used single quotes to designate this particular literal string).