Overclocking Intel's Wolfdale E8000

SYSmark 2007 Preview Results

Please note that we received the benchmark results for SYSmark 2007 Preview using a different test system, which has been the basis for the power-efficiency analyses of AMD Athlon 64 and Intel Pentium and Core 2 processors later on.

As you can see, the performance difference between the individual Core 2 processors is only significant if there is a lot of multi-threaded workload involved. This is the case in the video-creation section of SYSmark 2007 Preview. Apart from that, office and content creation performance doesn't vary a lot between a 65 nm dual core and a 45 nm Core 2 quad core processor.

  • LLJones
    What? Seriously? No one was reading Tom's back at this time or what?

    Good article as I am revamping and older system and want to know how the Wolfdale OC'd. Thanx for the info.